Democrats Face Tough K Street Market

If their bosses are not reelected in November, Democratic Hill staffers hoping to transition to K Street lobbying gigs are up against some tough challenges.

Beep-Beep, Click-Click: Driving Commuters To Political Action

Mobile gives commuters and other travelers the capacity to respond directly to ads while on the go, although preferably not while driving. And geo-targeting gives advertisers the opportunity to reach them according to where they happen to be at the moment.

Don’t Call It a Blog…

Blogs are one way to visibly organize content, but smart communicators recognize that there’s a much broader content marketing ecosystem at play. People are seeking and finding content differently than they used to; this means that how we categorize, organize and serve content must evolve as well.

How Wikipedia is Cracking Down on ‘Paid Advocacy Editing’

Wikipedia’s open editing system – the very concept on which it was built – is continually threatened by authors and editors who are paid to skew the content on behalf of their clients and/or special interest groups.

‘Personal Lobbying’ for Five Bucks?

Would you pay $4.95 for someone to call a lawmaker on your behalf? Amplify’d, a newly-launched startup, claims to offer “personal lobbyists” for less than five bucks a pop.

FDA Releases ‘Draft Guidance’ on Social Media Use by Pharma Companies

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the guidance “addresses how products – including risk and benefit information – can be discussed in venues such as Twitter, as well as paid search links on Google and Yahoo, all of which have limited space.”

What Are We Afraid Of?

Life is full of risk. Yet politicians and business executives often don’t understand why the public overestimates or underestimates risk. Why aren’t people more upset about climate change? Why do they fear illegal immigrants? Why do we need so many regulations governing the flammability of children’s pajamas?

New Legislation Could Prevent Lawmakers from Becoming Lobbyists

Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) have introduced a bill that would prohibit members of Congress from becoming lobbyists after they retire.

How Some K Street Firms Are Doing Business Differently

A handful of Washington’s lobbying firms are undergoing major changes, as reported by The Washington Post’s Catherine Ho.

Members of Congress Lack Social Media Know-How

Rather than taking advantage of social media as the two-way channels they represent, many lawmakers are instead using Facebook and Twitter to disseminate press releases and repetitive sound bites.