Twitter Launches First Political Action Committee, Twitter#PAC

Late last week, Twitter announced the launch of its first political action committee, entitled Twitter#PAC. Joining the ranks of other tech giants with PACs, such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google, Twitter is also registering its first official lobbyist to help push the needle forward on its policy objectives in DC.  In its seven years of existence, Twitter has taken a firm stance in the fight to protect internet privacy, though it had not – until now – made efforts to lobby Congress. InTheCapital’s Tess VandenDolder reports:

“In 2011 Twitter fought against legislation that would have held companies liable for pirated content that appears on their sites. That same year the company refused to hand over user information to the government during the investigation into the WikiLeaks scandal, and in 2012 it appealed a New York state court order for records from an Occupy Wall Street user.”

According to the Washington Post, Twitter’s lobbying operation is starting out relatively small, though much remains to be seen. In 2012, Microsoft’s PAC donated 2.2 million to politicians, whereas Facebook’s PAC gave lawmakers a modest sum of $227,000.

Click here to read more in Washington Post.

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