Daily Specials

August 15, 2011 | By

The Purpose-Driven Website (ClickZ) Is the content on your landing page ‘mission critical’ and easy to navigate? Find out how to make your website’s structure and content optimal for any user. Social Video Can Build Awareness, Advocacy For Luxury Brands (Luxury Daily) Regardless of whether you’re running a marketing campaign for luxury brand, all marketers […]

Daily Specials

August 11, 2011 | By

David Cameron Considers Banning Suspected Rioters From Social Media (Guardian) According to UK officials, people are using social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter to organize riots throughout England. The Prime Minister has vowed to do ‘whatever it takes’ to end the violent unrest. Charity Feeds Videos Across Web for Hunger Action Month (ClickZ) Feeding […]

Daily Specials

July 22, 2011 | By

U.S. House Members Talk About Debt Crisis On Facebook (All Facebook) Members are utilizing some of Facebook’s many features, including video question and answer sessions and livestream chats, to directly address voters. How many governors are using social media? (Stateline) A look at all 50 governors and links to their social media sites. Don’t forget to sign up for […]

Lady Gaga and the Evolution of Citizen Communications

October 18, 2010 | By

You know something has had an impact on you when you’re still thinking about it weeks after the fact. And what happened recently on YouTube got me thinking.

Economics 101: Using Web Videos to Explain America’s Fiscal Problems

August 25, 2010 | By

America’s fiscal crisis is fueling activism in cities and town across America where Tea Party rallies shine the light on our national debt and out-of-control government spending. But there’s also a revolution happening online, particularly with web videos that tell the story of an economically challenged country. Debt, spending and taxes don’t exactly translate into […]

Is This New YouTube Tool an Advocacy Dream?

November 17, 2009 | By

Today YouTube announced the official launch of YouTube DIRECT, a tool that allows organizations to collect, moderate and then display videos from users directly on their organization’s web site or an associated YouTube channel. The stated intention of the tool is to allow news organizations to develop an array of user-generated stringers who can upload […]

Connecting with You

October 20, 2008 | By

I didn’t know I was running for president until I saw this new video from AARP.  The truth is, AARP is launching a new election campaign that lets you put anyone’s name into their video as the candidate for president. Why? Because this election is all about YOU. AARP’s new campaign is really about connecting […]

A New Way to Watch the Debates

October 17, 2008 | By

A few weeks ago Billy Hallowell of VoterWatch pitched me on the idea of annotating video of the presidential debates. Due to a bunch of distractions at work, I missed the first two presidential contests and the VP debate. But this morning I fully annotated the third debate with commentary and links from The Heritage […]