Daily Specials

September 9, 2011 | By

This Is Why You Have No Friends (ClickZ) We all know that quality is better than quantity when it comes to friends (and even Facebook fans.) But advocacy organizations still need to have a significant fan base in order to promote their messages and inspire people to act. Gary Stein explains how to become more […]

Daily Specials

March 24, 2011 | By

Beyond the Code: 25 Best Nonprofit Websites (Social Media 4 Nonprofits) The best practices and key elements that all great nonprofit websites have in common. A 2010 Winner: The Internet #Winning (Advocacy 2.0) As the majority of voting-age Americans turned to the Internet for election news during the 2010 campaigns, there were worries that the […]

Daily Specials

February 24, 2011 | By

TechNet Unveils Non-Profit; Twitter Co-Founder Onboard (USA Today) ConvergeUS intends to bring together tech luminaries, non-profits, government entities, academic institutions and the private sector to do good works. Is Using an .ly Domain Right – or Wrong? (ZD Net) People are wondering about using .ly (Libyan) domains now that casualties in the Libyan protests are […]

Daily Specials

August 6, 2010 | By

Will Social Security Get Social Media in the Government 2.0 Age? (The Huffington Post) The Social Security Administration looks into the possibility of adopting social media in accordance with open government plan. Can Social Media Save the World? Some Nonprofits Give it a Try. (The Christian Science Monitor) A look at how a few nonprofits […]

Social Media and 501(c)(3) – Putting Nonprofit Status at Risk?

November 17, 2009 | By

A question came up about the new media activities of 501c3 organizations hosting social media platforms for the public (Thank you to Debbie Miller for her assistance with this research): Question: Can a 501c3 private foundation or public charity put its tax-exempt status at risk by hosting a social media platform?  Specifically, could the advocacy […]