Google and Facebook Emphasize the New and the Now, For Better or Worse

November 15, 2011 | By

Cross-posted from e.politics  Originally posted on November 3, 2011 Do recent changes to Google and Facebook affect political and marketing communicators? Potentially a lot, so let’s take the sites in turn. First Google, which announced today that it’s making major changes to its search algorithms to update its main search index more frequently. Also, results […]

3 Reasons Why Google+ Won’t Beat Facebook

November 8, 2011 | By

By Iverson Gandy Cross-posted from the Adfero Group blog With the quick popularity of Google+ (G+), many social media gurus are proclaiming the slow but sure downfall of Facebook. To that, I say one thing: not going to happen. Here’s why: 1. Too little, too late In a very rare and embarrassing moment (and for what […]

Daily Specials

September 27, 2011 | By

New Rules for Online Politics Could Be On the Horizon (TechPresident) Google, Facebook, and Twitter are gearing up to capitalize on ad revenues from political campaigns in 2012; however, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) may put some rules in place to regulate political ads on the internet. Single Voice Sinks Coast Guard’s Rule (Roll Call) […]

Congress slow to grab hold of Google+

August 23, 2011 | By

by Patrick Hynes Cross-posted from The Daily Caller Despite the successful and headline-grabbing launch of Google+, only 13 members of the U.S. Senate and 15 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have established profiles on the new social networking site, far fewer than the number from each chamber who are active on Facebook and […]

Daily Specials

August 1, 2011 | By

From All Sides, Online Pushes to Scrap the Deal (TechPresident) Advocacy organizations from across the ideological spectrum are urging action online as the debt ceiling debate enters its final stage. 10 tips to help you get the most out of Google+ (Ragan) Learn more about the new social networking site and its many features. Don’t […]

Daily Specials

July 27, 2011 | By

NJ Gov Christie Pushes Agenda in Campaign-Style Videos (ClickZ) While online videos are frequently used by political candidates, it’s rare for an elected official not facing an immediate electoral challenge to utilize this tool. But Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is taking a new approach and using online video to complement his broader communications strategy. […]

Daily Specials

July 19, 2011 | By

Three Cents on Google+ for PR Agencies/ Corporate Communicators who don’t have time to toy around (TheBuzzBin) Be sure you learn the key terms and tools for engagement on the site, but there’s no need to abandon Twitter or Facebook. Do Facebook and Twitter Followers Reflect a President’s Popularity? (TechPresident) Numbers alone don’t tell the […]

Daily Specials

July 13, 2011 | By

Keep Your Social Media Strategy Simple (Business 2 Community) By getting involved in too many social media platforms, you run the risk of not fully engaging your audiences. The war of the social networks (The Washington Post) Learn how they differ, what they offer, and the impact they are currently making. Don’t forget to sign […]

Daily Specials

April 4, 2011 | By

Ruling Spurs Effort to Form Digital Public Library (The New York Times) New York has derailed Google’s bold plan to build the world’s largest digital library and bookstore. A Wiki Takes Aim at Obama (The New York Times) Many companies and organizations, have seized on the Wikipedia model to encourage their members to build up […]

Daily Specials

March 11, 2011 | By

Google Responds to the Japan Earthquake With an Online Crisis Center (Mashable) Google has reacted to the earthquake that hit Japan on Friday with a tool that helps find a person or provide information on missing persons. Political Campaigns Go Viral (Wall Street Journal) Smart campaigns will devote a good deal less money to running […]