Social Media – Should It be the Driver or Passenger in your Grassroots Influence Strategy?

January 3, 2012 | By

Several years ago our Innovate to Motivate conference hosted then Gallup Managing Partner Ron Balmer to talk about Gallup’s research on customer engagement and how it applies to grassroots organizations. It was one of our most highly rated workstorms. Gallup has been at the forefront of engagement research; they define it as the degree to […]

Daily Specials

July 5, 2011 | By

The 5 Pitfalls of Social Media Engagement (Business 2 Community) Social media is a great tool to get people involved in your cause, so be sure not to fall prey to these common mistakes. Twitter Tip: Don’t Auto-Connect Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts ( Twitter and Facebook are two very different social media platforms, and your […]

More on Social Media Strategy

September 23, 2010 | By

Jeff is right on the mark in his post “Your Social Media Strategy May Not Be A Strategy.” But it may even be worse than he reports. Some companies and organizations don’t even have clear tactics when it comes to social media, but still think they have a strategy.

Daily Specials

August 30, 2010 | By

W.H. Builds Message Wall for the Troops (Tech President) Utilizing classic online activism techniques, the White House new media team gathers virtual salutes to mark deadline for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq. Reach Older Users on Facebook and Twitter (PC World) As the age of social media users matures, organizations must be mindful of engaging […]

Daily Specials

August 27, 2010 | By

Video: A False Belief in Numbers? (Brian Solis) Does having 5,000 Facebook fans indicate that you have 5,000 engaged consumers? Probably not. Timesavers to Manage Your Social Media Presence (Bloomberg BusinessWeek) Tips for making efficient use of social media efforts. Don’t forget to sign up for K Street Café’s mailing-list to receive news about exclusive […]