Startup Hub 1776 Launches

In case you missed it, tech hub 1776 officially launched yesterday with a mission to “reinvent America by connecting the hottest startups in the world with the assets of the most powerful city on Earth.” Located in the heart of the city, 1776 is positioned to become the epicenter of startup activity in the DC region.

Co-founders Evan Burfield and Donna Harris created the company to provide a space for startups and innovators to work together, acting as an accelerator for startups with the drive, means and networks to set the agenda. By connecting startups with the wealthy political, social, financial and intellectual resources in D.C., 1776 aims to help entrepreneurs navigate the mazes of red tape required to get started.

It’s well worth it for the public affairs community to pay close attention over the next few years. Who knows? The next big disruptive technology – a technology that ultimately reinvents advocacy – may be born at a startup just a block and a half from K Street.

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