Republicans Invest in Video: A Political Web Video Q&A

Written by Kate Kaye, ClickZ Politics & Advocacy

Political campaigns have long relied on things like press releases to communicate messages in response to timely news events, and to help garner earned media. But Web video is changing all that. The Republican National Committee is one of many organizations that recognizes this shift, and has worked with Craft Media/Digital throughout the year in the hopes of being on top of their video game.

So far this year, nine videos created by Craft – all of which pan the Obama administration and the Democrats – have made their way onto the RNC’s YouTube channel and been disseminated by supporters and media outlets. The issues come as no surprise: the economy, unemployment, healthcare reform, and more.

ClickZ News spoke recently with Brian Donahue, a founder and managing partner of Craft Media/Digital (pictured above) to discuss what the firm is doing for the RNC this year, and about trends in online political video. (All videos produced by Craft for the RNC are posted below the following Q&A.)

ClickZ: Tell me about the video work you’ve done with the RNC. How does it reflect how online video fits into the current political campaign landscape?

Donahue: The large majority of the material or videos we’ve done have been exclusively for the Web. This [2010 election] is really, I think, the cycle of Web videos… It’s a tremendous shift in political story telling, and that shift has been to video.

It started with McCain and Obama in ’08…. But this year, more organizations and more campaigns are understanding they can produce longer-form videos [and] have the tools and the capabilities for distributing them pretty wide [such as in blog networks]… And it tells a story much better than a press release.

To read the entire interview on ClickZ, click here.

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