#KStreetClicks: March 13

FDR-style crisis communications; what makes a good native ad; online advocacy trends to watch in 2014 & more.

Twitter Tests “Click-to-Call” Function in Ads

Twitter is beta-testing a “click-to-call” function in sponsored ads, which means that users accessing Twitter from a smartphone could actually make a phone call by tapping on a tweet.

Telling Great Stories with Long-Form, Interactive Media

Online storytelling is maturing, and you don’t have to be an award-winning journalist at the New York Times to reap the benefits of this trend. Non-media organizations, too, can use the long-form format in concert with interactive components to powerfully communicate their messages.

Organic Reach on Facebook Halved

Late last week, social@Ogilvy released a chart that definitively shows how organic reach on Facebook has been cut in half since October 2013.

Myths to Live By

The trick is not to fight myths with facts — as tempting as that strategy may seem — but to appeal to the same emotions that created the myths in the first place.

Realign Your Advocacy Org’s Social Strategy

Now widely adopted, social media offers great potential for audience recruiting, messaging and mobilization. But too often, advocacy organizations waste time and money investing in the wrong tactics and/or approach. Here are four tips to help you realign your strategy and maximize ROI.

3 Ways to Revive Your Email Advocacy Strategy

Email is still one of the most effective means of communication, if used smartly, strategically and in concert with social media. So how can you improve your organization’s email advocacy strategy? Here are three actionable, top line tips.

Pandora Targets Political Ads Based on Your Playlist

Pandora thinks it can accurately guess your political preferences based on your playlist choice – and they may be on to something. Though the more eclectic your taste, the less likely you’ll be targeted accurately.

Lobbying Is Dead; Long Live Lobbying!

Is lobbying as a profession in decline? No, but it is changing dramatically. Advocacy in the next 10 years will look very different from what we’ve seen over the past 40.

Communications in 2014: What (and Who) to Watch

Introducing the Adfero Eight: a list of the top people, things and trends that will affect the communications landscape in the year to come.