Healthcare Still the Frontrunner on the Congressional Conversation Index

Healthcare was still top of mind for constituents during the month of February, though with a much lower number of contacts than in January. It is worth noting that, while the number of healthcare contacts dropped significantly from January’s numbers, the rest of the top ten issues reported significantly higher numbers than the previous month. The 112th Congress has now been in session for two months and February saw some new issues appear in the top ten of the Congressional Conversation Index.

Healthcare still led the board as the most talked-about issue with 214 contacts, as  reform remained a hot topic in February. Budget was a close second with 180 contacts, which was most likely caused by the votes on proposed federal budget cuts, as well as the near shutdown of the federal government. Judicial (119) and Abortion / Women’s Issues (113) came in a close third and fourth.

The top ten issues for February were: (1) Healthcare (2) Budget (3) Judicial (4) Abortion / Women’s Issues (5) Environment, (6) Technology, (7) General Government Issues, (8) Transportation, (9) Education and (10) Foreign Affairs. Several of the top ten topics were not part of January’s top ten, showing that constituents have somewhat shifted their contact focus. Full CCI data is available below.

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