Employee Advocates: An Important Piece of the Puzzle

Planning an outreach campaign can be complex. It’s important to reach the largest audience you can in the most efficient way possible. You’ve probably considered your messaging goals, your advertising budget, even your tactics for social media promotion. Have you thought about one of the easiest tactics that could be largely impactful—using your current employees to advocate for your issues? Its win-win for everyone involved. Enter Dynamic Signals: a new startup founded upon the idea of using a social hub to reach and partner with audiences.

Finding ways to turn your employees into advocates can have a huge impact on your whole organization – from reaching the people you never though you would, to finding new ways to create and disseminate your content, to building an environment your employees want to work in.

While different campaigns, like grassroots efforts, media buys, and Facebook advertising, are effective, most people are more likely to pay attention and listen to people that they know. Use your employees as messengers for your campaign; they are typically on board with your organization’s values, so it shouldn’t be a hard sell. Write your strategy as you normally would and distribute to employees with clear instructions on how to operate.

For example, if you are hiring for a new position, send your people a preapproved LinkedIn post for their personal feeds. If a big event is coming up, include the tweets you need in your company’s newsletter. According to the Ad Exchanger’s interview with Dynamic Signals CEO Russ Fradin, “the goal isn’t for them to become shills or mouthpieces, but for companies to push employees’ content so they can authentically talk about parts of the companies that they love.”

Using employees as advocates also gives them the opportunity to build their own brand, further leading to your organizations image in the field. The more employees you have engaging others on your organization’s issues , the more connections they make and the stronger your organization’s brand. Your organization will be seen as full of experts who love what they do, instead of just people who clock in and clock out for a paycheck.

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