Web 2.0

Understanding How Social Media Impacts SEO

Whereas Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be all about keywords and inbound links, social media has become equally (if not more) important for organizations looking to boost their search page rankings.

Don’t Call It a Blog…

Blogs are one way to visibly organize content, but smart communicators recognize that there’s a much broader content marketing ecosystem at play. People are seeking and finding content differently than they used to; this means that how we categorize, organize and serve content must evolve as well.

Communications in 2014: What (and Who) to Watch

Introducing the Adfero Eight: a list of the top people, things and trends that will affect the communications landscape in the year to come.

3 Things in the Digital World to Watch

A vastly improved CMS, a new blogging platform and a “brave” HTML editor are among the latest developments on the web. John Jones offers insight into what will thrive (and what will flop). Evens the Digital Playing Field

While creating and maintaining a website is almost a requirement, building the right one can be more challenging for campaigns with smaller budgets.

Google and Facebook Emphasize the New and the Now, For Better or Worse

Cross-posted from e.politics  Originally posted on November 3, 2011 Do recent changes to Google and Facebook affect political and marketing communicators? Potentially a lot, so let’s take the sites in turn. First Google, which announced today that it’s making major changes to its search algorithms to update its main search index more frequently. Also, results […]

The ROI of Replacing Web Site Addresses with Facebook URLs

Cross-posted from Adfero Last year, Wired Magazine proclaimed that “The Web is Dead.” The authors of the article argued that although the Internet is alive and well, its users are increasingly turning to simple and semi-closed applications.  Demand for accessing the wide-open Web through browsers is fading.  Instead, we now prefer the type of mobile, […]

Daily Specials

Social Media Ad Spending to Hit $8.3B in 2015 (Mashable) Organizations will look to harness the power of social media even more over the next few years, increasing ad sales from $2.1B last year to $8.3B by 2015. Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S. (NY Times) As more consumers go online to fulfill their […]

Facebook is to Politico as Twitter is to National Journal

Cross-posted from Facebook and Twitter are clearly two very different social media platforms.  For advocacy professionals in particular, building a community on Facebook is very different than building an engaged following on Twitter.  The Twitter-Facebook divide is best explained by an analogy to two Inside the Beltway publications that represent different but equally important […]

Meet ‘N Tweet: Capitol Hill’s New Press Conference

By Michael Wm. Schick For the most part, politicians like cameras (unless, of course, they are in trouble). But assuming they are not, they really do like to be in the spotlight. They come alive when the lights turn on and the cameras flash and roll. As a former press spokesman for a US Senator, […]