Public Affairs

Fear and Loathing on the Internet

Only one-third of Americans believe the Internet is a safe place to express one’s opinions, according to a BBC poll. These attitudes could have huge implications for both government policies and business practices.

Persuasion vs. Pressure: Do You Want Long-Term Influence or Short-Term Coercion?

What pressure means to me is: threats, shows of force, unrelenting insistence, harassment, and coercion. We need to understand the ramifications of using pressure vs. persuasion as a way to influence elected officials.

#KStreetClicks: March 20

A new era of “lean content”; four tools to help you follow legislation; how to use social media to build your email list & more.

#KStreetClicks: March 13

FDR-style crisis communications; what makes a good native ad; online advocacy trends to watch in 2014 & more.

Twitter Tests “Click-to-Call” Function in Ads

Twitter is beta-testing a “click-to-call” function in sponsored ads, which means that users accessing Twitter from a smartphone could actually make a phone call by tapping on a tweet.

Myths to Live By

The trick is not to fight myths with facts — as tempting as that strategy may seem — but to appeal to the same emotions that created the myths in the first place.

3 Ways to Revive Your Email Advocacy Strategy

Email is still one of the most effective means of communication, if used smartly, strategically and in concert with social media. So how can you improve your organization’s email advocacy strategy? Here are three actionable, top line tips.

Lobbying Is Dead; Long Live Lobbying!

Is lobbying as a profession in decline? No, but it is changing dramatically. Advocacy in the next 10 years will look very different from what we’ve seen over the past 40.

The Data & Story Dance: It Takes Two to Tango

Combining a personal narrative with the availability of micro-targeting will allow the public affairs profession to expand and improve in our advocacy activities.

Carpe Colloquium! The Best and Worst Trends in Social Media

There are a lot of grassroots advocacy social media trends, and many of them won’t help you reach your persuasion goals. Alan Rosenblatt shares the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’ in the grassroots social media arena.