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Building Your Team: The State of Grassroots Volunteer Recruitment and Morale

Our four-year research project with over 900 grassroots volunteers who regularly attend lobby day events and hold grassroots leadership positions revealed that burnout is real and disillusionment with legislator behavior is the top cause of burnout.

How to Win in a Polarized Washington

We live in an era where media is extraordinarily fragmented. Agenda shaping happens not only on cable networks but now on social networks. Public opinion is, for better or worse, shaped by thousands of micro conversations.

Our Obsession with Millennials

Because of young people’s potential buying and voting power, their opinions loom large. They can topple a company if they decide en masse to take their business elsewhere. They can affect a presidential election if the vast majority of them cast their ballots for the same candidate.

Managing the Influence Parity Dynamic: Lessons from the Most-Admired Grassroots Organizations

Legislators commonly tell their advocates that they “support” their organization generally, that they “would like to learn more” about their issue, and that they can get behind one aspect of their legislative proposal but not another part of it, which leaves them in a liminal commitment zone. How do they manage parity influence?

Wading Into Controversy

Corporations have discovered that customers and employees expect them to get involved in social issues, and that has prompted them to take action.

Advocacy Leaders Can’t Shy Away from Measurement and Evaluation

Take a closer look at what you’re measuring (and why).

When Doing Nothing Is the Best Strategy

Present-day politicians and corporate executives often see negative articles in the media, read false allegations on Facebook and Twitter, and quickly decide these attacks require a response. Then, in their efforts to set the record straight or shut down the opposition, they draw more attention to the charges.

Grassroots Stakeholders and Their Legislators: Who Is Influencing Whom? (Part 1)

Our biennial Grassroots Influence Pulse (GRIP) research was established to obtain a benchmark of current trends in grassroots influence tactics, the time and money being directed to various grassroots techniques, and most important, the trends in how members of Congress are responding (or not) to grassroots influence strategies.

History Telling and Brands

When brands connect their founding story to the expression of their brand today, consumers lean in and listen a little more.

Announcing the 2015 Adfero Eight

Exploring the future of storytelling.