Public Affairs

Who Tweets on Behalf of Members of Congress?

Perhaps we have the vague sense that a communications director, or even an intern, is the one who hits “post” on behalf of their lawmaker boss.

How IR Became Invested in Public Affairs

Only 8 percent of corporate public affairs teams said their departments have some responsibility for investor relations. But that number is likely to increase as the political and regulatory challenges that companies face become more complex.

‘Personal Lobbying’ for Five Bucks?

Would you pay $4.95 for someone to call a lawmaker on your behalf? Amplify’d, a newly-launched startup, claims to offer “personal lobbyists” for less than five bucks a pop.

How Some K Street Firms Are Doing Business Differently

A handful of Washington’s lobbying firms are undergoing major changes, as reported by The Washington Post’s Catherine Ho.

Are Millennials Making a Right Turn?

In considering the variables, it feels a bit like we Baby Boomers are pulling and tugging at our millennial children once again, arguing over who influences them the most or whether their beliefs are preordained.

Is Class Back in Session for K Street?

Two new programs – a George Washington University master’s degree and a Public Affairs Council certificate program – have seasoned lobbyists hitting the books once again.

K Street Rebounds Following Three-Year Slump

During Q1 of 2014, the top 10 highest grossing lobby firms averaged a 3% increase in lobbying fees over the same time last year.

Fear and Loathing on the Internet

Only one-third of Americans believe the Internet is a safe place to express one’s opinions, according to a BBC poll. These attitudes could have huge implications for both government policies and business practices.

Persuasion vs. Pressure: Do You Want Long-Term Influence or Short-Term Coercion?

What pressure means to me is: threats, shows of force, unrelenting insistence, harassment, and coercion. We need to understand the ramifications of using pressure vs. persuasion as a way to influence elected officials.

#KStreetClicks: March 20

A new era of “lean content”; four tools to help you follow legislation; how to use social media to build your email list & more.