Broadcast TV Weighs Heavily on Face-to-Face Political Conversations

As advocacy professionals, we spend a lot of time deliberating how to craft and position messages that will resonate with our target audiences. What we tend to think less about, however, is what happens to these messages once they have been received; more specifically, how people converse with one another about the issues they hear and learn about

Using Social Media to Highlight Life Away from Capitol Hill

Instead of solely focusing on the bills they want passed or the platforms and issues they champion, Congress is using social media to put aspects of their personal lives display.

Twitter’s Effect on Politics and Journalism

Despite the fact that a relatively small percentage of the American population uses Twitter, the social platform has become an essential tool for journalists, and has caused a significant shift in the dynamic between political operatives and major publications.

The Latest Congressional Battleground: Social Media

Two separate groups have created competitions to honor and promote the best social media presences run by congressional offices.

Twitter Will Not Replace Traditional Polling Anytime Soon

In August, we ran a post on Twitter and its potential to predict the outcome of an election. Sociology experts at Indiana University claimed that what people say about political candidates on Twitter (and Facebook) is a very good indicator of how they will vote. Interesting findings, to be sure, but social media analysis is not on the verge of replacing traditional polling methods.

Senior White House Officials Take On Verified Twitter Accounts

At present, the official White House Twitter account (@WhiteHouse) has 4.3 million followers. So how is the Obama administration staying on top of constituent feedback and inquiries via Twitter?

App Offers Insight on Companies’ Political Leanings

A new app called 2nd Vote makes it easy for consumers to track how companies “score” on certain hot-topic issues, including gun rights and federal subsidies. Evens the Digital Playing Field

While creating and maintaining a website is almost a requirement, building the right one can be more challenging for campaigns with smaller budgets.

Washington PR Agencies Brace for Lengthy Government Shutdown

D.C.-area PR agencies, many of which rely on government contracts, face an uncertain future as the government shutdown continues.

Rewards Outweigh Risks on Twitter

At present, almost all politicians (and their staff) are on Twitter. But are they there by choice or have Twitter accounts become a requirement for a successful career on the hill? One thing is for certain: if you aren’t on Twitter, you are missing a whole landscape of information and opinions.