Pandora Targets Political Ads Based on Your Playlist

Pandora thinks it can accurately guess your political preferences based on your playlist choice – and they may be on to something. Though the more eclectic your taste, the less likely you’ll be targeted accurately.

The Data & Story Dance: It Takes Two to Tango

Combining a personal narrative with the availability of micro-targeting will allow the public affairs profession to expand and improve in our advocacy activities.

Employee Advocates: An Important Piece of the Puzzle

You’ve probably considered your messaging goals, your advertising budget, even your tactics for social media promotion. Have you thought about one of the easiest tactics that could be largely impactful—using your current employees to advocate your issue?

2 Easy Steps to Stand Out on Instagram

Succeeding on Instagram involves two basic actions: creating high-quality content and promoting your account in the right spaces. Here’s how.

How Facebook’s New Algorithm Impacts Your Social Strategy

By altering organic reach, Facebook posts are now viewed by a much smaller audience, meaning decreased engagement and potentially fewer new page likes.

Will Snapchat Ever Be Valuable to Communications Pros?

Is the ‘erasable media’ trend here to stay? And, if so, should it be a part of your organization’s communications strategy?

Win the Moment in 2014 with #TwitterDC – Part 1

How to use twitter to make sure your organization is part of the conversations that matter.

Explain Yourself: The Art of the Video Pitch

When it comes to motivating your grassroots network, a powerful video message can achieve an immediate and emotional connection where web copy and email messages fall short.

Rethinking the Annual Report: 3 Trends to Take Advantage of Now

The annual report is arguably the most important document that your organization will distribute all year. Want to make a lasting impression? Take note of these three (relatively underused) trends.

Redesigned Gmail Inbox Increasingly Problematic for Campaigns

The problem for advocacy organizations – and other marketers who disseminate information via email – is that emails sent to Gmail accounts are likely to wind up under the ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ tabs, which can negatively affect open rates.