Content and Digital Ads: It’s Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

In order to be successful in today’s digital world, everything must be integrated: content syncs with social strategies, ad strategies and beyond. The digital landscape prefers its peanut butter and jelly together, not separate.

Your Email Marketing Strategy Probably Needs a Refresh

Too many marketers rely on email best practices without taking their audiences into account.

#KStreetClicks: March 20

A new era of “lean content”; four tools to help you follow legislation; how to use social media to build your email list & more.

3 Marketing Tips Borrowed from President Obama

It’s no secret that President Obama has a brilliant marketing team behind him. Here are three marketing tactics that all organizations can borrow from the President (that don’t necessarily require a gargantuan budget).

#KStreetClicks: March 13

FDR-style crisis communications; what makes a good native ad; online advocacy trends to watch in 2014 & more.

Telling Great Stories with Long-Form, Interactive Media

Online storytelling is maturing, and you don’t have to be an award-winning journalist at the New York Times to reap the benefits of this trend. Non-media organizations, too, can use the long-form format in concert with interactive components to powerfully communicate their messages.

3 Ways to Revive Your Email Advocacy Strategy

Email is still one of the most effective means of communication, if used smartly, strategically and in concert with social media. So how can you improve your organization’s email advocacy strategy? Here are three actionable, top line tips.

Pandora Targets Political Ads Based on Your Playlist

Pandora thinks it can accurately guess your political preferences based on your playlist choice – and they may be on to something. Though the more eclectic your taste, the less likely you’ll be targeted accurately.

The Data & Story Dance: It Takes Two to Tango

Combining a personal narrative with the availability of micro-targeting will allow the public affairs profession to expand and improve in our advocacy activities.

Employee Advocates: An Important Piece of the Puzzle

You’ve probably considered your messaging goals, your advertising budget, even your tactics for social media promotion. Have you thought about one of the easiest tactics that could be largely impactful—using your current employees to advocate your issue?