3 Ways to Revive Your Email Advocacy Strategy

Email is still one of the most effective means of communication, if used smartly, strategically and in concert with social media. So how can you improve your organization’s email advocacy strategy? Here are three actionable, top line tips.

Lobbying Is Dead; Long Live Lobbying!

Is lobbying as a profession in decline? No, but it is changing dramatically. Advocacy in the next 10 years will look very different from what we’ve seen over the past 40.

Communications in 2014: What (and Who) to Watch

Introducing the Adfero Eight: a list of the top people, things and trends that will affect the communications landscape in the year to come.

Is ‘Relationship Lobbying’ Dead?

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Thomas B. Edsall argues that a new kind of influencer is taking over: the strategic adviser.

K Street ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ in 2014

Despite the fact that 2013 was one of the least productive years in Congress in American history, K Street lobbyists are not despairing — yet.

K Street’s 2014 Outlook: Unclear

2014 will be better for K Street. At least that’s the sentiment of many prominent Washington lobbyists, who regard 2013 as one of the most dismal years in lobbying ever.

Top Lobbyists Predict the Return of Earmarks

During the Association of Government Affairs Professionals (AGAP)’s annual meeting yesterday, keynote speaker and former Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio) said that he believes federal earmarks will return to Congress.

Major Rebrand for the American League of Lobbyists (ALL)

ALL has officially changed its name to the Association of Government Relations Professionals.

‘Super Lobbyists’ Tell All on Reddit

Early this afternoon, two of Washington’s so-called ‘super lobbyists’ took to social media site Reddit to participate in the popular “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. Jack Quinn and John Feehery from QGA, a bi-partisan public affairs firm, subjected themselves to more than an hour of live Q & A with strangers, many of whom asked some tough questions.

What Are Influencers’ Most Untapped Resources?

Despite the fact that 55 percent of aides on Capitol Hill consider information from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) “very valuable,” few lobbyists make an effort to influence the office.