Democrats Face Tough K Street Market

If their bosses are not reelected in November, Democratic Hill staffers hoping to transition to K Street lobbying gigs are up against some tough challenges.

‘Personal Lobbying’ for Five Bucks?

Would you pay $4.95 for someone to call a lawmaker on your behalf? Amplify’d, a newly-launched startup, claims to offer “personal lobbyists” for less than five bucks a pop.

New Legislation Could Prevent Lawmakers from Becoming Lobbyists

Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) have introduced a bill that would prohibit members of Congress from becoming lobbyists after they retire.

How Some K Street Firms Are Doing Business Differently

A handful of Washington’s lobbying firms are undergoing major changes, as reported by The Washington Post’s Catherine Ho.

Is Class Back in Session for K Street?

Two new programs – a George Washington University master’s degree and a Public Affairs Council certificate program – have seasoned lobbyists hitting the books once again.

Fewer Lobbyists Are Heading for the Hill

No one is entirely surprised when a Hill staffer is lured away from the halls of Congress to a plush gig on K Street. But the reverse trend – lobbyists leaving K Street to work as Congressional staffers – also takes place, though it tends to receive much less attention.

K Street Rebounds Following Three-Year Slump

During Q1 of 2014, the top 10 highest grossing lobby firms averaged a 3% increase in lobbying fees over the same time last year.

3 Ways to Revive Your Email Advocacy Strategy

Email is still one of the most effective means of communication, if used smartly, strategically and in concert with social media. So how can you improve your organization’s email advocacy strategy? Here are three actionable, top line tips.

Lobbying Is Dead; Long Live Lobbying!

Is lobbying as a profession in decline? No, but it is changing dramatically. Advocacy in the next 10 years will look very different from what we’ve seen over the past 40.

Communications in 2014: What (and Who) to Watch

Introducing the Adfero Eight: a list of the top people, things and trends that will affect the communications landscape in the year to come.