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How to Give Great Presentations

By Heather Cote Cross-posted from the Adfero Group blog We’ve all seen horrible presentations. Most of us have probably given a few in our day. But in the professional world, public speaking is an unavoidable fact of life. Whether you love or loathe giving presentations, people on both sides of the coin can be really, […]

3 Reasons Why Google+ Won’t Beat Facebook

By Iverson Gandy Cross-posted from the Adfero Group blog With the quick popularity of Google+ (G+), many social media gurus are proclaiming the slow but sure downfall of Facebook. To that, I say one thing: not going to happen. Here’s why: 1. Too little, too late In a very rare and embarrassing moment (and for what […]

Capitol Hill Experiencing Huge Increase in Constituent Mail

Cross-posted from Congressional Management Foundation Congressional offices are receiving between 200 to 1,000 percent more constituent communications than they were ten years ago. Despite the increase, a survey of congressional staff indicates that 90 percent believe constituent communications remains a “high priority” for the office. But sizable percentages of staff report that their offices are […]

The Latest in using Facebook for Advocacy

By Kalee Miller and Caroline Sheedy of Adfero Group With 800 million active users, Facebook has earned the title of most popular social network around the globe. At the f8 conference a few weeks ago, CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced some big changes, the latest in the site’s constant evolution. It’s hard for a […]

Congress slow to grab hold of Google+

by Patrick Hynes Cross-posted from The Daily Caller Despite the successful and headline-grabbing launch of Google+, only 13 members of the U.S. Senate and 15 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have established profiles on the new social networking site, far fewer than the number from each chamber who are active on Facebook and […]

How to Tweet like a Celebrity

Cross-posted from the Adfero Group blog By Kalee Miller of Adfero Group Obviously, the list of reasons to use Twitter are endless. These reasons could range from promoting thoughts, ideas or people, to updating followers on news and events or keeping up with current trends. I personally use the site for all of these reasons, but […]

Facebook Advertising or: How I learned to Stop Writing and Love Targeting

Cross-posted from the Adfero Group blog By Sean Wagman of Adfero Group It appears that in social advertising these days, too much web space has been dedicated to writing eye-catching ad copy. That is all well and good, but ad copy will not make or break your social ad campaign. Most people will not take […]

Is Your Company Flying Blind?

Cross-posted from the Public Affairs Council blog. By Sheree Anne Kelly, Vice President of the Public Affairs Council I wouldn’t feel comfortable if our head of IT asked me to disassemble my computer, rebuild it and then go back to using it. I bet I’d enjoy the process of seeing what’s actually inside my PC, […]

Grassroots Works on the Executive Branch, Too

By Wes Farno The past few months have made it clear that executive agencies will continue to make key decisions in Washington, D.C. So far in 2011, for example, the Environmental Protection Agency has considered new regulations on electricity plants, mining, and emissions.  The Federal Communications Commission has tried to implement limited net neutrality rules […]

What Do Sam Adams and the Chamber of Commerce Have in Common?

Cross-posted from the Public Affairs Council blog and written by Dana Wilkie, Communications and Editorial Director The last thing one expects when prepping a kid for a history test is to spot a public affairs lesson in the story of the Tea Party. No, not that Tea Party. The one 238 years ago. At Boston […]