Erin Smith Flior

Erin Smith Flior leads a variety of integrated communications campaigns as a Senior Account Supervisor at Adfero Group. She provides strategic counsel and digital expertise to clients across a variety of industries.

Prior to joining Adfero, Erin worked at a boutique digital agency in New York City managing promotional campaigns, events and social media engagement for Fortune 500 companies in the Telecommunications, Finance and Insurance industries. Erin joined the agency world after several years as the marketing and publicity manager at independent publishing house Beaufort Books where she managed a variety of successful launches including bestseller “If I Did It,” Jeff Foxworthy’s children’s book “Hide” and the relaunch of classic titles from Pearle S. Buck, among others.

Erin has spoken for a variety of audiences including Public Affairs Council seminars and get{smart} events on topics ranging from social media, metrics and analysis, grassroots recruitment and digital strategy.

Originally from Vermont, Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

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