Elaine Bussjaeger

Someone once said “good writing is clear thinking made visible.” Many people have the ability to think clearly – we hope – but great writers are simply not as common. Adfero Senior Account Executive Elaine Bussjaeger, however, is one of the fortunate few who possess truly outstanding writing skills. It’s not just about structure, grammar, diction, voice, tone and flow (all of which she has mastered); Elaine knows how to spin raw information into an engaging story, tailored to virtually any audience.

As such, Elaine is responsible for a great deal of content creation on behalf of clients, be it blog posts, social media campaigns, or communications strategy plans. She is also a media relations expert who has a knack for identifying the perfect story to pitch to the right reporter (yet another instance in which Elaine’s tremendous writing skills come in handy). Though she is juggling many priorities at any given time, Elaine is a skilled project manager who values quality and timeliness above all else.

Prior to joining Adfero, Elaine acquired in-house corporate communications experience at Hilton Worldwide Headquarters. A graduate of James Madison University, Elaine first honed her web writing and HTML skills while she was a student working for JMU’s Office of Public Affairs. Elaine is passionate about traveling and has a long list of U.S. cities to explore.

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