American League of Lobbyists Considers Rebranding

The American League of Lobbyists (ALL) is considering dropping the word ‘lobbyist’ from its name, according to The Hill‘s Megan Wilson. The organization is entertaining a number of alternatives to its name, all of which replace the word ‘lobbyist’ with ‘government relations professional.’

Former ALL President, Howard Marlowe, told The Hill thatmembers of the organization argue that the word lobbyist no longer encompasses the work of an industry that is deeply involved in campaigns and public relations.” Marlowe simultaneously noted that he was the only board member opposed to the name change, adding that there are other professional associations that cover the broader PR and government relations industries.

News of ALL’s potential name change and rebranding effort was originally leaked in a document to The Hill. Byron Tau of POLITICO’s Influence column obtained a letter from ALL to its membership, apologizing that they were not first to be informed. The letter states:

Through surveys and research, we discovered that a majority of our membership no longer identified themselves as only ‘lobbyists.’ In fact, most of those surveyed stated that their responsibilities as a lobbyist encompassed just a fraction of their duties. While our organization was founded in 1979 to support the lobbying community, this industry has evolved dramatically over the years and now includes a variety of disciplines.

This development from ALL is certainly not surprising, given the growing reluctance of government relations professionals to register formally as lobbyists.

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