About K Street Café

K Street Café is your go-to source for for public affairs news, trends and insights.

As new media tactics are introduced, K Street Café will examine how advocacy organizations are continually changing the way they execute public affairs campaigns.

Contributors to the blog will highlight and analyze the shift from one-directional communications to multi-layered conversations as the method of choice for individuals engaged in issue advocacy.

Why K Street?

Historically, K Street has been synonymous with the old school type of lobbying: closed-door meetings in smoke-filled rooms. But technology has changed all that. While K Street will continue to be the place where public policy is shaped, the power of ideas will soon replace the power brokers. Thanks to the Internet, there is a new openness and transparency to the democratic process, enabling citizens to participate more than ever to ensure their voices are heard.

Why Café?

Some of the greatest movements in human history have begun around a café table. We believe the free flow of ideas has a transformative power. We trust K Street Café will not only foster lively discussions, but help readers become better equipped to impact public policy in their world.

What will K Street Café be about?

K Street Café’s content will focus on how technology, Internet, and social media and other macro trends are impacting public policy whether it is through issue advocacy, grassroots activism, lobbying campaigns or single-issue advertising.

Our contributors will offer critiques of how issue advocacy and public awareness campaigns incorporate the best practices for using emerging technologies; provide commentary on how the traditional model of behind-the-scenes lobbying is being transformed by the transparency of the Internet; and make observations on how emerging technologies are being used by industries outside of the public policy realm and suggestions on how these tools might be used effectively by public affairs professionals.

What won’t K Street Café be about?

K Street Café is not a political blog – we are not focusing how one party is using new social media tools better than another or the specific tactics being used by one candidate’s campaign.
It is also not a policy blog that provides a form for issue-specific debates.

Instead, K Street Café will be a place to discuss how new media makes a difference in the everyday lives of public affairs practitioners, regardless of political affiliation or policy issue.