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December 1, 2009 | By

Hater Sites Take Flight (Politico) For many members of Congress there are Web sites and blogs solely dedicated to highlighting their shortcomings and portraying them unfavorably.  These sites are providing constituents and local activists with the opportunity to vent and offer their views on an incumbent’s performance. Congress’ Best (And Worst) Committee Web Sites (National […]

Daily Specials

November 19, 2009 | By

GOP Leads Media Charge (The Hill) Republican’s social media agendas are becoming prominent in state elections and daily constituent outreach efforts. Members Grapple With Media Trends (Roll Call – subscription required) House members are still trying to figure out how to effectively use new media to streamline internal communication as well as amplify their message […]

Promoting a Cause Through YouTube

November 18, 2009 | By

In case you missed it, the Hill ran my column “Promoting a Cause Through YouTube,” about the State Department’s use of social media as a powerful diplomacy tool used to promote democracy around the world. Much can be learned by studying State’s Democracy Video Challenge user generated content campaign.  Launched last year, the Video Challenge […]

Daily Specials

November 18, 2009 | By

Can the law keep up with technology? (CNN Tech) As technology lurches forward at an astounding speed, legal issues are emerging just as fast.  A legal system at least five years behind developing technology is at a loss for how to handle issues such as lawsuits derived from posts on social networking sites. Census Turns […]

Is This New YouTube Tool an Advocacy Dream?

November 17, 2009 | By

Today YouTube announced the official launch of YouTube DIRECT, a tool that allows organizations to collect, moderate and then display videos from users directly on their organization’s web site or an associated YouTube channel. The stated intention of the tool is to allow news organizations to develop an array of user-generated stringers who can upload […]

Daily Specials

November 16, 2009 | By

Critics Say Social-Media Should Be Off Limits for DTC Drug Ads (Advertising Age) Critics of using social media as a means of advertising for the pharmaceutical industry believe that the drug companies should not promote their products via e-mail, social networking sites, or text messages due to the seriousness of their message. Is Starting A […]

The New Mantra of Public Relations: “Not control, but coordination”

November 9, 2009 | By

By Elizabeth Sicuso Last week I had the opportunity to hear Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, Price Floyd.  Floyd has the unique responsibility of combining internal communications for one of the country’s largest federal agencies, as well as public communications and outreach.  With a two-front war front that has less than […]

Daily Specials

October 15, 2009 | By

HOW TO: Use Social Media in Your PR Pitch Plan (Mashable) Susan Patyon, of Egg Marketing & Public Relations, offers this formula for including social media as apart of your PR pitch. Crunch time for K Street on health care (The Hill) As Capitol Hill continues to debate health care plans, has the time come […]

Daily Specials

October 2, 2009 | By

New administration rules could trigger lobbying deregistration rush (The Hill) The White House has decided to ban lobbyists from serving on public agency advisory boards and committees. How will this affect the ability of these boards to make recommendations to this government? Ustream Broadcasters Can Now Make Money With Google Ads (mashable) Ustream, a free, […]

Social Media: Investment and Return

October 1, 2009 | By

Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Communication Center hosted a panel discussion on calculating your ROI for social media campaigns. I was fortunate to join three terrific panelists presenting at the event including Adam Conner from Facebook, Laura Howe from the American Red Cross, and Paul Argenti, a Professor from Dartmouth. Don’t forget […]